Flipbuilder – Flipbook Software to Convert PDF to Online Flipbook in Minutes

I am a lot proud to tell you that I am wanting to sharing experiences and publish flipbook online to folks around. It is so nice to learn that all people like my contents. Only for this straightforward reason, I choose to generate better flipbooks sharing them online. It makes me be strict regarding the Flipbook maker. In the past, I tried many flip book maker. However, while using the development of technology, you'll find higher and requirements among people, obviously including me. I have been awaiting one type of software that may be both effective and visually appealing.

Fortunately, I find it - interactive flipbook software to convert PDFs to extraordinary online flipbook effortlessly. It is FlipBuilder. With the aid of this powerful flip book making and publishing platform, my imagination runs wild. Make and share appealing and informative flip book with normal folks in the world.

1.Branding is just about the features I appreciate essentially the most.

√Domain customization : Flipbuilder allows user affect the flip book domain from Flipbuilder.com to yourdomain.com.

√Loading logo adding: add your logo picture while using the “Loading Settings” inside desktop client. Show people the emblem of the business to restore more impressive.

√Bookcase logo: easily apply your elegant bookcase using your business logo about it.

2. Being attractive the flip book is an additional outstanding feature.

With “Selling Options” within your homepage, sell your publication with easy. The profit from your book are going to be transferred into your Paypal account. The platform won't charge any fee.

Furthermore, you can sell some products with your flip book under the help of e-Commerce button. Add button like “Buy”, “Discount”, “Sales” and insert buy links for navigate readers towards website.

FlipBuilder Flipbook Software is entirely a lot more than that. Multi- media and animation can be simply inserted into your flip book, making your flip book are more attractive. If you are the fans of publish and sharing experiences with friends, you will need to really be interested inside features with the flip book maker.